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I research, I write, I tinker and craft, exploring intuitive ways to represent data. Learn more about what I'm all about, what I've done, and how to get in touch.

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A Bit About Me

Max(ene). Interdisciplinary to the core and passionate about learning. Formerly a researcher by trade, I've found my non-traditional background has provided me with a solid foundation as a data designer: I've got the research, creativity and problem-solving skills from a human-centric lens.

Other passions: fermentation, violin, IoT, linguistics, sashiko

Primary pen of Data the Senses Newsletter, an excercise-filled newsletter about how to represent data through non-visual means.

Data Viz Projects

Microorganisms of Japan's Fermented Foods

An interactive map of Japan that celebrates the microorganism that help produce some of its most unique ferments.

Data VisualizationDesignData Collection
Kanji Spiral

I made this spiral as a metaphor to how learning Japanese feels - and endless spiral. It also serves to track my progress with kanji (although this doesn't contain all the 2,136 japanese jōyō kanji, which are standardized secondary school-level kanji). TL;DR there's a lot of kanji, but at most only 1/4 of the number of Chinese characters in use. Thankfully.

Signs of Life

A scrolly telling revealing how little be know about the world's writing systems. Created in collaboration with The Endangered Alphabet Project.


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